PS3 Iris Manager v2.70 Released: Adds "Mamba" Cobra Payload

Today developer Estwald has released a new official version of Iris Manager. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Added support ' Mamba ' for CFW 4.46 (not Cobra) and 4.53 ( Habib )
- ' Mamba ' is a version of the payload Cobra ( stage2 ) that can be launched from the Iris Manager itself to support ISOS and PS3 games and some of the features of Cobra payload ( load plugins internally, it ignores the list ) but does not support the PSP and PS2 emulators .
- ' Mamba ' is not exclusive to a possible CFW Cobra: Cobra detects whether a payload loaded and inhibited in that case. It can also be differentiated by sys8_mamba ( ) (if returned 0x666 , is Mamba ) .
- Fixed some minor bugs ( file sizes shown on Archive Manager and disassembly / assembly BDVD forgotten XD)

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