Why PS3 CFW 3.55 Is A Thing of the Past?: Update to CFW 4.41/4.40

Today I wanted to make a few notes on where things are at in the world including the benefits and the disadvantages to both CFW 3.55 and CFW 4.41/4.40.

CFW 3.55
- You have full access to everything such as DEBUG, OtherOS and Homebrew Applications.
- You can access PSN via a spoofer
- RSOD Fix .pup

- You have to resign all of the new games to get them to work on your lower firmware. This could be very tricky and or you could be waiting on some else for a very long time.
- Most newer applications are signed with 4.40 Keys and thus you can not play them on CFW 3.55

CFW 4.41/4.40
- Full Access to EVERYTHING including Homebrew, PSN Titles, PS3 Games that have just been released, and debug settings
- You DO NOT have to resign your own EBOOT.bin. CFW 4.41/4.40 can play titles support up until 4.30 Keys. This means games that are just getting released will boot straight from CD.
- Straight way Log onto PSN with CFW 4.41 or via a spoofer on CFW 4.40
- You can Update the game patches (such as bug fixes, and or game fixes) without having to download to resign the .pkg and then update the patch.
- The latest homebrew is mostly signed with the 4.xx keys.

- No OtherOS
- No RSOD Fix .pup like CFW 3.55 has.

Convinced you to make the switch today?

Have a look at Rogero's 4.40 v1.03 Post by Clicking this link here and as always stay tuned for more hacks and homebrew news.

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