PS3 PSChannel v1.10 Released

- Fixed tons of bugs
- Removed the "install theme feature" since no one makes themes for my homebrew
- Info section moved to main menu and can be seen by pressing SQUARE
- Added Lang support (EN,PT,SP,IT,FR,DE,RU,NL)
- Added game update support with autodetection of games (NO homebrew support!! NO search mode, NO support for backups folders!!)
- Changed some icons (new apps and game update)
- Added support to https (thanks to PolarSSL)
- To be clear, PSChannel will look only in the NP (not SP-INT or QA) environment. in the next update I will try to add SP-INT env for dex console (SP-INT gives me "404 + not allowed").

PSChannel has nothing to do with SONY or any trademarks owned by sony.

PSChannel will only search updates for NP******* BL******* BC******* XC******* UL******* MR******* APPID with the USER AGENT "Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00)"

How to change language:
To change language just go to the main menu, press square, then triangle till you find your language. This is the order of the langs EN,PT,SP,IT,FR,DE,RU,NL

Want to add a language? send me (deroad) a private message on one of the followings forums Brewology/PS3HAX/PSX-Scene.

I want to thanks for:
Translations: a_titkov (RU), zecoxao (PT), vgturtle127 (EN,PT,SP,IT,FR,DE,NL)
4.41 Rebug testing vapour
sandungas and Ada love lace for SFO infos
Kakaroto for EFL and gzorin for RSXGL and all the PSL1GHT devs

Wargio/deroad will NEVER request donation for this Homebrew.
please remember that deroad (aka Wargio) created this and not other people.

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