PS3 PUAD GUI v1.5 Released

Today developer Nathan_r32_69 has released a new update for his PC Tool named PUAD GUI. This tool features unpacking, repacking and decrypting .pup (Playstation Update File). Check out the features, the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Unpacks/Repacks PUP file
- Decrypts/Unpacks/Repacks CORE_OS
- Decrypts/Unpacks/Repacks Dev_flash
- Decrypts/Resign SELF files of CORE_OS
- Decrypts/Resign SELF files of Dev_flash
- Decrypts/Resign ps3swu.self
- Decrypts/Resign UPL.xml.pkg
- Unpacks/Repacks RCO file contents
- Decrypts/Resign index.dat

- Added RCO support for repacker option
- Added option to change Core_OS syscon version
- Added option to change files size

Known Bugs:
- Sometimes music stutters when you have a lot of activity (when more RAM, better)
- Seems to hang but is working, don´t worry



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