PS3 PC Tool Preview: MMCover Resizer v1.0.0

Today I wanted to let you guys all know what I have started working on. Well here are some of the features and soon to be some previews on the basic GUI. 

(The tool will only work for All Windows X86 not X64)

First off I wanted to note that I am not the best programmer and or an artist.
I merely write for fun and entertainment. Don't judge.

I had gotten the idea when I had saw that nobody was updating the MultiMAN Covers because the MultiMAN-End server has been down for quite some time.

If you are wondering I have decided to make this is because it is kind of a hassle to load all your .JPEG covers into Photoshop or GIMP and adjust the width and height. The tool will basically do all the work for you making it simple.

What this tool with do is allow you to choose a oversized, large image and basically covert it to to the width and height of your choosing (If for MultiMAN width 350, Height 408)

You can choose multiple files at once and convert them all at once by holding shift and they will output based on the path of your choosing.

The whole project is written in and has been improved from an older source.

Stay tuned as I will have some more updates fairly soon. :]

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