PS3 Iris Manager v2.0 Released

Quote (Estwald):
Well, given that D_Skywalk is "low" paternity and asked me to open a new thread, to update it, that I do, taking advantage we have new version

- Ported entire project PSL1GHT v2 (hence the version jump)

- Added languages ​​within Iris Manager: press START, go to Tools (Tools) and the second option veraás "Pitinglis". Well, give with X until "talk" Christian [+risas]

- There is an option "Custom (from file)" to add other languages, such as Catalan or other individuals of our land. I have not included in that if I see ass, ass want and will start asking everyone their language, and I can not deal with all that when you add new stuff!. Still, if you send me the translations for me to include them in and so that other people can use them, especially

- Now is not verified language.ini version. That is, if the language has the required entry Iris, decision and if not, ignore it and use the one with default (this should have done so long ago [+risas] )

- Fixed the problem that the FTP files not truncated.

- Fixed the problem that Iris gave error opening more than two files in asynchronous transfers. Fixed the problem of directory and file permissions to delete.

- Added a new options in "Tools" for the ones that have broken BR so you can launch the PSX games on ISO and moreover, everything that goes to BDVD is ignored (for the most part) and the mounting (that Miralatijera asked) it's done so you can launch the games from app_home (basically it is the same that I did to mount hdd0 over bdvd using the BD Emu option, but now it is done always and also the option to mount /dev_usb00x over /dev_bdvd it's being added). For the time being, everything is experimental so you'll need to be patient until Miralatijera does the trick. Now it is easier because I'm supporting him by software and giving him the tools and sources to compile.

- Miralatijera won't like this: at the moment of launching PSX, the "disco" and "traffic light" are erased. It is like this, because on PSX we must observe the green led in the moment of swapping dics. It is respected in the rest of modes.

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