PS3 Iris Manager v1.60 BETA 2 Relased

- Added level PSX emulation syscall: patch no longer needed and can delete emulators versions "patched" Works with ps1_netemu. Moreover, it is my choice RECOMMENDED smoother and games will I have to go wrong with ps1_emu, here are perfect
- Files are needed. cue with the same name as the. bin. img, etc, to describe the ski audio. If it contains only the binary data, Iris Manager generates its corresponding TOC. psx_storage default also generates a TOC enough for this type of game. As I can complete wakefulness psx_storage operation. Ability to load an external ROM to allow access to the transmission Memory Card (getting into dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4 ps1_rom.bin file.)
- Pressing CIRCLE + EQUIS with external ROM enabled, runs ejected disc so you can access the PSX MC Manager without having to disconnect the USB device. Unplugging/replugging once, the disc will be mounted and run. More details IMPORTANT iso.txt psx 1.60, within the file. rar

Extract from the "IMPORTANT 1.60 psx iso.txt" file included in the download.

ATTENTION: the new method do not require ps1_emu or ps1_netemu patched

Adding PSX isos for Iris Manager 1.60+:
Create PSXGAMES folder in root of HDD or USB devices
Put the PSX game folder here. The name of the folder is used as game name from Iris Manager.
PSX game files must be .iso, .bin, .img, .mdf (Alcohol 120) (or with caps .BIN, .IMG ...) containing sectors 2048 or 2336 or 2352 or 2448 bytes. You can put from 1 to 8 files with isos.
NEW!!!: Add .cue or .toc files (Iris Manager generate .toc when you copy your original CD) WITH THE SAME NAME as .iso, .bin, .img, etc. (Iris Manager ignore "FILE" token in the .cue file) with the tracks info, for Games with Audio tracks DON´T USE .cue with WAV/MP3 files!!. All audio datas must be contained in the .bin/.img file file
Iris Manager use "TRACK", "MODE2", "AUDIO" and "INDEX 1" tokens to create the TOC for the game. If the game contain one track with DATAS only, Iris Manager can build the TOC data itself (internally psx_storage can also work, by default, with only ISO datas)
Iris manager get it in alphanumerical order. When you launch a game with multiple isos you can rotate the order in one screen in the last moment.

Only one rule for multiple isos: they must have the same sector size in all!
You can put a COVER.JPG file (max size of 1024 x 1024 pixels)
PSX config is saved in the game folder

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