PS3 CFW EBOOT Resigner App v1.02 Released

Today developer RazorX from PSX-Scene has released a new version of his NOOB proof CFW EBOOT Resigner application for PC. The changes just to list a few for this version would be an X86 and X64 Version of the application and a few other fixes. Feel free to check out what he had to say and the download link given below.

Quote (RazorX):
Ive just updated my app to v1.01 now it will retrieve the content id from the eboot and ask you if it's correct if it is enter "y" for yes and it will use it, if you enter "n" it will then ask you to enter a content id in which case you can enter whatever you want then hit enter and it will use that.

Package Guide:
all you do is put a pkg file into a folder with the app then load up the app and select package menu then unpack pkg once unpacked you then select one of the other options to patch the eboot once thats done you can then alter the param.sfo which will be in the same folder as the app then once you have done that goto package menu and select repack pkg and you will then find the new package file in your app folder.

A quick note please rename the pkg file you want to alter to something else with no spaces i would recommend something like 1.pkg because the repackaged pkg will be named as the contentid so if there both the same name it will overwrite the original unless your not bothered about that then this doesnt apply to you.

- Added the ability to patch pkg files
- Added 7zip built in so you no longer need to install it
- Added a x86 and a x64 version to the zip file.

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