PS3 Iris Manager v1.60 Beta 4 Released

- New improvements in ps1_emu emulation. Now games like Vagrant Story or Resident Evil work on ps1_netemu, thanks to the creation on the fly of the required data from the 0×930 (2352) bytes in the sector. Also some bugs were fixed on the payload.
- Added mode 3 to payload_storage to let launch the ISO for the cheats disc having a PSX disc on the drive. Just attach a pendrive, run with cheats and at the appropriate time, eject the ISO removing the pendrive. That works at least with Xploder 4 (if it’s necessary, you’ll have to eject the disc and insert it again: as soon as you detach the pendrive, the payload is disabled and the disc will work normally).
- Fixed some bugs, like copying file when the USB is almost full.
- All the payloads were modified to add a detection flag. That let you restart the console, for example, if you used multiMAN and the syscall 8 is inactive.

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