TinyUmbrella 5.10.01 Released: Added ApNonce

Quote (The Firmware Umbrella):
I've pushed a version of TinyUmbrella that will add an ApNonce to the APTicket request. There is no simple way to handle saving both types of SHSH (one with no ApNonce in the request and one with an ApNonce in the request). At least, there is no simple way for me to do it in the time that I have available for such a change.

In order to be the ABSOLUTE safest, your best bet would be to zip up your .shsh directory and put it in a safe place. Normally I would do something to save this for you but it would be a rather bit TU change for me to manage saving two types of the same SHSH version.

I will keep you posted as I discover more information about what details are and are not important.

- Added an explicit ApNonce to the SHSH request. Probably should get the latest and save your 5.0.1. (Just in case)

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