PS3 Neo Tanks v0.2 Released

Today ThatOtherDev released a port of the homebrew game Neo Tanks.

Quote (ThatOtherDev):
Here is a update/port/remake/whatever of Neo Tanks. It was originally made over 9000 years ago for Windows, eventually remade for PS3 with the leaked SDK, later ported as my first 3D Wii release and is now back on PS3 via PSL1GHT.

It’s still pretty much a glorified screen saver and it actually performs worse then it’s first PS3 version made with the leaked SDK and it’s Wii counterpart (rendering polygons on screen seems to be rather slow with PSL1GHT).

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Turn camera
R1 = Shoot

Download Here

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