PS3 JFW-DH Service Pack v1.2.1 Released

Today DemonHades has updated his CFW 3.56 JFW-DH. Check out the changelog and download below.

Quote (DemonHades):
You need to use it first to own a PlayStation 3 with JFW-DH356MA a minimum pendrive 500MBs, and the Basic Preloader.

Due to problems of OpenPStore with certain file types and sizes, demonisos provisionally be used to download the SP 1.2

- Fixed Iconaje stylish Browser
- Players Iconaje of Sony Stylized Native
- Options Menu Hidden QA Debug from the occult (key combo)
- Change BD Region
- Saves any user with rebug are valid now.
- Patched check license or PSN game DLC or PSONE (use MAsReactPSN356)
- Text scrolling or gifts in playlists
- New option to consult the Service Pack downloaded from the category OpenPStore Thégra
- Added support for pseudo Retails PKGs (Geohot finalize 355)
- Fixed startup sound
- Protection Cinavia off
- Added quick view by pressing PS full play, to see the trophies, or exit the game
- Included in viewer the option of viewing if the pendrive is Aegean service pack and whether or not it in the same
- Options for PSP Isos from the viewer menu> PSP PSP connecting via USB for the iso folder
- Added bootsplash games and apps
- No patch to patch the game requires PARAM.SFO is the version that is (upgrade to avoid accidentally putting a game that contains an update later)
- EGEA recovery menu loads without having to make the combination of buttons
- Authorized all Security Services Dispatch Manager to use any service

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