PS3 Winters End v0.1 Released

Quote (ThatOtherDev):
In Winters End you take control of a snow person that moves around collecting snow.

It was originally rushed together for Wii as an entry in the Drunken Coders 2010 Winter Competition in which the judges stated that it “Would have been drastically improved with the addition of some enemies to thwart what was otherwise a so-simple-it-got-dull-fast game. Great work and very smooth accelerometer controls.” and ranked it as fifth place out of five entries.

This new PS3 port keeps that “so-simple-it-got-dull-fast” gameplay intact well removing the smooth motion controls along with the music and bringing that once flawless framerate down to a choppy mess that can be compared to a slideshow.

So have fun with that!

I really think muny21 will appreciate this release.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
Right analog stick = Turn camera

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