Pandora Hotfix 3 beta

You don't need to have any previous Hotfix installed. The Hotfix will find out what needs to be done on your system.

This Hotfix has the following changes and fixes:

* Kernel: Fixed problem with broken sound on some units. Also improved ALSA Buffer Underrun problems
* Kernel Modules: Added USB Sound and Midi Modules as well as the TUN/TAN-Module
* U-Boot: Fixed LCD timings on Reset (which caused weird dots around the Logo on reboot / Reset)
* U-Boot: Added serial out via USB (ideal for debugging when trying to port new OSes to the Pandora)
* MiniMenu: Added automatic Refresh on SD Card insert and quick navigation using keyboard letters
* Battery-Settings: LED now starts blinking at 10% and shuts down at 5%. The previous values were too short.
* Bugfix: op_fbrunapp had some problems with command line parameters. That's now fixed.
* Services: Removed unneeded services from Startup - also services most users don't need (like dropbear, samba, etc.) They can be re-enabled with the new Startup-Settings
* Startup-Settings: Added enabling / disabling services
* New: Added Mass Storage mode via Mini-USB (can be enabled in the System-Menu)
* Automount: Now using Label names (if the card has one) instead of mmcblk*
* Automount: Now using Dirsync instead of sync with 2s Buffer flush. This increases SD Write speed A LOT. However, be sure to wait at least 2 seconds before removing your SD Card after you saved data
* Not yet fixed: PNDs will not run if they have a space in the filename or path (do not use spaces in your SD-Card labels for now!)
* pnd_run-Script: Changed a few things to make it compatible with spaces in filenames (still needs some other fix). Thanks to Ivanovic.
* Bluetooth-Script: Fixed save / restore settings on startup (thanks to urjaman)

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