IPhone BlindType Keyboard Coming Soon

Their is not Estimate Release Date.

Lucky for us, since the virtual keyboard can be closely tied to software, many handset manufacturers have taken the liberty of devising their own scheme to make the experience much easier. If you’ve used an iOS or Android powered device you’ll know that both Apple and Google have implemented their own on-the-go spell checking systems.

However, these systems are far from perfect sometimes spitting out words far different than what was actually meant to be typed due to the allowed margin of error being quite low. Luckily, third party groups have come up with their own plans to make the virtual typing experience even easier with the latest being BlindType.

You an argue that the iPhone spell check is good enough but once you’ve seen BlindType in action, you will be quickly eating your words. Not only does this method of typing utilize an algorithm that can correct even the most inaccurate typists, but the keyboard will actually morph to the location where you are typing. This means that if you feel like typing sideways, the BlindType keyboard will adjust acording. Even better, if you feel the on screen keyboard is too invasive, you can turn it off completely and just wing it. If you’re not following, just check out the below video to see BlindType in action.

Unfortunately, accroding to the makers of BlindType, this method of typing would have to replace Apple’s default virtual keyboard meaning it will most likely be rejected once submitted to the App Store. Although, if Apple takes notice, perhaps they will utilize some of these features in a future update.

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