How to run Daedalusx64 on HBL

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DaedalusX64 on hbl update :
Things have changed since salvy's last update, the "crashing" is not as big of an issue as it was when r83 was being used for DaedalusX64 If you want to run DaedalusX64 on your OFW psp with hbl installed, follow these instructions:

1: Download and install the hbl rev at the bottom of this post.
It is very important you use that version, i modified it myself (although i got the idea from salvy ) and removed the scectrlpeekbufferpositive override which allows Daedalus to run like on cfw.

2: Download the first version of DaedalusX64 for hbl from this page and put it in your PSP/GAME/ folder: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2432 (Thanks salvy!)
Im trying to get a newer rev to work but everything past rev500 seems to freeze.

3: Run hbl and choose daedalusx64 from the menu.

Now it doesn't freeze nearly as much, but it does still freeze.
In my experience using this configuration, I've found that the best way to play Tloz: oot (and probably others) without it freezing is to disable dynamic stack optimasation and high level emulation from the game settings menu (press select while playing).

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