Ultrasn0w is Growing

Those of you who follow @MuscleNerd or @planetbeing on Twitter probably already know that the team has had a series of successes with the carrier unlock on iPhone4.  We’re fine-tuning the payload to make it as quick to load as possible (and making sure it remains crash-free of course!).

As usual before a public release, there are lots of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts trying to capitalize on the public’s eagerness to get the unlock.  For those who only want to know when it’s released, either of these two official accounts will do.  All other variations of these account names are fake!



If you want to be kept up to date on progress as it’s being made, you can also follow:



And of course, our comment section below is a great place to ask general questions! There are lots of knowledgeable people able to respond, including our great moderators @confuciousmobil and @angiexpangie

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