Pandora RACE! A Neo Geo Pocket Emulator

"Hey guys, decided I'd drop you a beta of a port of RACE! the Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator.

There are a few quirks with it atm, but in general I'm quite happy to say it seems fairly stable.

Roms go in sd://pandora/appdata/race

In the menu, use X to select a rom, B takes you to the options menu, but it isn't setup to actually do anything yet and even mentions the PSP still...

load/save states aren't implemented atm (sorry, I had it working on GP2X, but then realized it only worked with the C z80 core, not Dr.Z80, so I gotta fix that up first) BUT normal saves seem to work as of hotfix 2.

In game, X is the NGPC's A button and B is B (due to placement being closer to NGPC's)

I used a simple 3X scaling for the resolution, hope you're ok with that, before the screen was about the size of a stamp on the pandora's screen :P

Umm, dunno what else I was gonna say... Really all the credit should go to Flavor, Thor and Judge, it's their piece of awesome...

I'll probably wait to see if I can get a slightly fixed up version with a readme and such setup before trying to upload it to the archive or pandora apps website (damn it, just call it the app box or some other clever little thing relating to the mythology already :P )

*Jun 13, updated to make menu more readable* "

Download Here

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