(Mine) iPod Touch 2G non MC IOS 4.0 Jailbroken with redsn0w

Recently updated using Itunes to the long awaited 4.0. I see Lots of new features. I enjoy the advanced multitasking. I read articles of people saying its a waste of time or im sticking with 3.1.3 but really i dont see what the big deal is. I understand if you have a device that doesnt have a jailbreak yet. Sadly that sucks. Im pretty sure the dev team or greenp0sion or the long awaited geohot would release something that would boost his self esteem a little more. Reading is what i do best when it comes to important things. comex, person behind Spirit, a untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3, claims to have a userland jailbreak to jailbreak you awaited 4.0 models but can not release because it contains prelimary apple software. Planetbeing tested this and it can jailbreak the new iPhone 4. Huge fan by the way. but anyways back where i was. For all you people waiting hope for the best and soon you will be on cydia on your awaited device. By the way iPod Touch 1st gen is never going to get looked at for a jailbreak so dont beg or cry. UPGRADE. or use the shitty 3.1.3mod to be a wannabe 4.0.

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