PSX4PANDORA version 1.0 Beta 3

Hi everyone,

Grab psx4pandora version 1.0 Beta 3 here while it gets approved to the appstore:

Here's what's new:
- Sound is now much more accurate and smooth. Now using ALSA for playback as well.
- Memory card saving works.
- Improved performance but the more accurate audio removes that gain.
- Now loads all games through the BIOS. I can make this an option at a later time. Better compatibility at the expense of watching the Playstation BIOS boot.
- Tweaked the framelimit code in hopes it's smoother.
- Heavily reduced tearing effect in-game. This was due to drawing directly to the framebuffer. It's now buffered. If you noticed tearing before, let me know if you think it improved.

Whew. I've been working non stop on this. Hope you like this build. :)

Time to read through the posts here. I haven't had a chance to breathe more or less anything else. :P

Thanks again!

Download Here

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