PSP N64 Emulator DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 516

DaedalusX64 has been updated again and the DaedalusX64 team is now up to revision 516. Many changes as you can see from the changelog below for this Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP. Rev 521 is in the change logs, but still not uploaded. When its posted I will update this post with the latest version.

Revision 516 – Directory Listing
[+] More microcodes use UcodeDefs (SetFogColor, SetBlendColor, SetPrimColor, SetEnvColor, SetCImg, and SetTImg.
Revision 515 – Directory Listing
[!] Revised MicroCodeCommand (Needs work)
[+] Kick in re-writing our microcodes with ucodefs (So far only GBI1/2_Mtx and GBI1/2 PopMtx are done)[WIP]
[!] Simplified SetProjection and SetWorldView
[~] Temporarily disabled Load_Ucode, RDPHalf_1, and RDP_GFX_Force_Matrix (broken…)
Revision 514 – Directory Listing
Tidied up roms.ini
Tidied up blendmodes file
Fixed Banjo Kazooie static effect
Revision 513 – Directory Listing
fix for Windows builds
Revision 512 – Directory Listing
Makefile did not work with Windows
Revision 511 – Directory Listing
screen now cleared before showing quit message
Revision 510 – Directory Listing
added/fixed Rev display in About and in the EBOOT title.
Removed .elf from the install dir
Revision 509 – Directory Listing
Confirm dialog at exit
Revision 508 – Directory Listing
Makefile fixed.
.No more error at the end of build
.Dev build defaulted when DEBUG on
.Install script improved
.Debug LD flags now used
Revision 507 – Directory Listing
[~] We now install Textures by default, this was causing some issues with certain roms. To Disable a texture in Blendmodes use details.InstallTexture = false; (Be careful with it)
[+] Updated Roms.ini to support all [!] Roms.
[~] Cleaned up Blendmodes file to suit new Texture Installation Method (WIP)

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