Current Projekts


- MewICK V0.1
MewICK is a homebrew application created by me soon to be released. If you have already ahacked or installed CFW on your psp just drop this folder into PSP/GAME. This is a music client that allows you to download music straight to your PSP/MUSIC Folder on your memory stick. Stay Tuned

-XXJuicy V1.0
XXJuicy is an early project that ive been working on. It is a porn client for PSP. It allows linkage from the finest XXX sites. Already released.

- SMS Bomber V.1
SMS Bomber is a IPhone Application soon to be available to everyone. With this application you can basically SPAM or Bomb someones Phone with massive amounts of text messages. (variables from 10, 20, 50 and 100). This was discussed on SinFulIphone forums and Ive taken up the Challenge of this project. I know for sure apple is not going to accept this. Hopefully it will be made available on Cydia.

Playstation 3
- CODMW2 Insta 10 V.1
CODMW2 Insta 10 is basically what the title says. It is a bypass and patch that allows the user to instantly level up to Tenth Prestige. This is will allow the user to not lose any perks, weapons and upgrades. Soon to be released. Beta Testers Needed. It is as simple as putting things on a USB and Loading up the game.

- HTC Dream G1 Rooted with Cyanogen (Percent 100%)
- Dingoo A320 Reset Button

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