[PSVITA] RetroArch v1.7.8 Released

Today developer Libretro Team has released a new version of RetroArch v1.7.8 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
3DS: Fix C-Stick y-axis inversion
3DS: Update all icon/banner images
AI: Add AI Service functionality (enabled for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS).
APPLE (MAC/IOS/TVOS): Fix autodetect for mFI controllers: properly call autodetect add on the connect notification, and add call to disconnect on GameController disconnect notification.
ANDROID: Implemented multi-touch touchscreen support
ANDROID: Now can be built with Gradle/Android Studio
AUDIO/WINDOWS: You can now select between audio devices for XAudio2/DirectSound/XAudio2 by pressing left/right on the Audio Device option.
AUDIO/WINDOWS: Setting the device by either index number or name string should work.
BLISS-BOX: Add 4 new pad types from firmware 3.0
BPS/UPS: Re-allocation target_data variable for target patch size (can now apply bigger patches without extra-bytes on memory)
CDROM: Added real CD-ROM functionality for Windows and Linux.
CDROM: Added disc dumping.
COMMON: Add separate frontend logging
COMMON: Ability to set FPS update interval (used in the window titlebar/FPS widget)
COMMON: Add 'Reset Frame Time Counter' functionality, enable it by default for resizing the window, loading/saving shader presets, fastforwarding, etc.
COMMON: Add optional 'on demand' thumbnail downloads
COMMON: Add new playlist-based thumbnail downloader. Hide the legacy thumbnail pack version by default
COMMON: Show license per core (if available) inside 'Load Core'
COMMON: Add option to load content from (and dump) CD-ROM discs
COMMON: Re-enable '--log-file' command line option
COMMON: Default playlist core association is now stored as metadata inside each playlist
COMMON: Fix playlist format detection
COMMON: Favorites playlist size can now be set independently of content history size. Values can be set from 0-999, or '-1' for unlimited (99999)
COMMON: Prevent adding new items to favorites when playlist is full (old entries are no longer overwritten)
COMMON: Prevent loading content with cores that require an incompatible graphics API version from the current one
COMMON: Saved shader presets are now portable across platforms and use relative paths
COMMON: Add '--set-shader' command line option which works like an override for automatic shader presets
COMMON: Add global shader presets
COMMON: Remove 'video_shader' setting, shaders are not saved automatically anymore
CORE OPTIONS: When saving core option overrides, only include settings for the current core
CORE OPTIONS: Add option to save core options per-core
CPU FILTERS: Add Scanline2x filter
DINPUT: Cleanup magic numbers mess surrounding hat code
GAMECUBE: Add default video/audio filter directories
GL/MALI400: Fix menu issues on Mali 400 series GPUs, should also fix 'RetroArch flickers black on ARM Mali GPUs (Android/ARM Linux)
GL/GLCORE: Use highest supported OpenGL Core version on Windows and X11
GL1: Ignore alpha in core video, fixes XRGB8888 rendering in some cores
GLCORE: Don't hardcode shader cross compilation target version but poll it. glcore would always only use the minimum target shader version, i.e. GLSL ES 3.00 for OpenGL ES 3.0+ or GLSL 1.50 for OpenGL 3.2+
D3D10/11/12/SLANG: Added "FrameDirection" slang semantic. Works fine with braid-rewind shader, not entirely perfect with D3D12 though
D3D10/11/12: Add option to select which GPU to render with
D3D10/11: Fix maintaining aspect ratio when resizing window
GLCORE/SLANG: Added "FrameDirection" slang semantic
HID: Add Retrode support. Should work on Wii/WiiU.
INPUT: Menu toggle hotkey can now be bound to another keyboard key and it will toggle properly
IOS: Correctly centers screen on iPhone X landscape
IOS: Implemented multi-touch touchscreen support
IOS: Add in more Apple Model numbers for RetroRating Added in all current Apple Model numbers and set a base rating of 19
IOS: Remove pause indicator; show the native UI menu using 4-finger swipe down gesture
IOS: Support L3/R3 in iOS 12.1, Options buttons in MFi/PS4/XBox One controllers in iOS 13
LIBRETRO: Add new core options interface, allows for localization, sublabels and more
LIBRETRO: Add new bitmask input codepath, for RETRO_DEVICE_ID_JOYPAD only for now
LOCALIZATION: Update Korean translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese Brazilian Translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Turkish translation
MENU: Add smooth ticker text
MENU: Ability to hide every settings submenu (User Interface -> Views -> Settings)
MENU: Ability to hide nearly every quick menu entry (User Interface -> Views -> Quick Menu)
MENU: Fix longstanding menu display issues on Mali400 GPUs (on ARM hardware, SBCs and mobile phones/tablets)
MENU: Fix Record -> Streaming Quality, and Record -> Recording Threads settings
MENU: Fix history playlist navigation after running content
NENU: Menu entry performance optimisations
MENU: Add option to show 'remove playlist entry' only on history/favourites
MENU: Overhaul content 'Information' menu display
MENU: Add new 'Playlist Management' submenu. Allows default core associations to be set (via dropdown list), and all existing associations to be reset
MENU: Add 'Set Core Association' option to Quick Menu
MENU: Add option to remain in menu after saving/loading states
MENU: Pressing the Start button on 'Load Core' will unload the core.
MENU: After a core is running, Load Core will be hidden from view until you select 'Close Content' from the Quick Menu.
MENU/WIDGETS: All widgets are now properly cleaned up, fixing the frozen widgets bug when loading / closing content
MENU/WIDGETS: Fix crash with tasks
MENU/WIDGETS: Widgets are now drawn above the overlay with OpenGL and Vulkan
MENU/WIDGETS: Fine tune progress bar colors
MENU/WIDGETS: Have the progression widget always resize
MENU/THUMBNAILS: Ensure that displayed thumbnails are always refreshed correctly after selecting 'Download Thumbnails' from Quick Menu
MENU/THUMBNAILS: Make PNG image loading/processing non-blocking on non-threaded systems
MENU/OZONE: Add it for PS3
MENU/OZONE: Fix regression in 1.7.7 - OSX/macOS - was unable to start it
MENU/OZONE: Fix sublabel spacing
MENU/OZONE: Add toggle to enable/disable playlist name truncation in Ozone
MENU/OZONE: (Ozone) Fix display of (semi-)transparent thumbnails
MENU/XMB: Add menu animation settings
MENU/XMB: Add optional thumbnail scaling
MENU/XMB: Fix display of long sublabels. Text that would exceed the display area now scrolls line-by-line
MENU/XMB/OZONE: Add optional thumbnail upscaling
MENU/QT/WIMP: Add core option sublabels as tooltips, add buttons to reset one/all core options
MENU/QT/WIMP: Word-wrap core option tooltips
MENU/QT/WIMP: Path selector fixes
MENU/RGUI: Enable playlist display on platforms without database support
MENU/RGUI: Make particle effects framerate independent + add animation speed setting
MIDI: correct pitch bend in ALSA driver - MIDI standard pitch bend center position is 0x2000 but ALSA's is 0
MIDI: Fix SysEx handling. We need to clear the event status after each message. Otherwise, after a SysEx message the first byte of the next event will incorrectly inherit its delta_time. This causes a delay of several seconds in nearly every MT-32 games which uses a lot of long SysEx.
METAL/SLANG: Added "FrameDirection" slang semantic
NETBSD: Audioio is now the default audio driver
NETBSD: Fix a segfault when starting RetroArch with an empty configuration file and LANG unset in the environment
OSD: OSD is now drawn above the overlay with Vulkan
OSX: Fix regression with Cocoa GL - shader / preset loading was getting stuck in an infinite loop
OSX: Add improved menu resizing for window resizing
PLAYLISTS: Add history/favourites to 'Playlist Management' menu
RECORD: Fix Twitch streaming
REMOTE RETROPAD: Fix for Remote RetroPad input - fixes processing of Remote RetroPad input. None of the remote inputs are being executed both in menu and in game. This is due to the way current key binds are being detected which block processing of any remote input. It's been tested using Remote RetroPad core on Android including digital dpad and analog control input.
RUNAHEAD/MSVC2010: Build in runahead support for MSVC2010 and up
RUNAHEAD/VITA: Build in runahead support for Vita version
SAVESTATES: Allow auto save states also in cores that support no content as long as some content is loaded
SCALER: Fix SSE2 path for ARGB/BGRA -> BGR24 - should fix screenshots being taken for XRGB888 (viewport)
SCANNER: Skip all databases with incompatible file extensions, whether content is inside an archive or not
SCANNER: Fix hang on empty files inside archives
SHADERS: Add proper shader compatibility checks
SHADERS: Enable Cg shaders for D3D9
SHADERS: Remove 'video_shader' setting, replace it with global presets that make more sense
SHADERS: #reference directive for shaders. Presets can point to other existing presets if they are unchanged
SHADERS: Will attempt to cache the shader/preset into memory before loading to avoid costly getline/gets/getc operations
SHADERS: New --set-shader commandline option
SHADERS/MENU: Prevent undefined behaviour when failing to load shaders
SHADERS/MENU: Pressing the Start button on 'Load Shader Preset' will reset all shader passes and apply changes, effectively disabling the shaders
SHADERS/MENU: New menu options for removing shader presets (global/core/parent/etc).
SWITCH :Add Audren audio driver.
SWITCH: Fix splitting and joining of joycon controllers. Before this fix, splitting and joining of joycons only ever worked sporadically
SWITCH: Proper x/y scaling for pointer devices, fixes touch lightgun
THUMBNAILS: Add optional On-Demand Thumbnails.
UDEV: Fix wrong udev devices order
UDEV/X11: Mouse pointer should work now in X11 environment with no Display
VITA: Update Vita2D
VULKAN/SLANG: Added "FrameDirection" slang semantic
VULKAN: Add option to select which GPU to render with
VULKAN: Validate non-causal filter chain for texture inputs. We only validated for UBO inputs apparently.
WINDOWS: Menubar should no longer be disabled when threaded video is enabled
WINDOWS: Add improved menu resizing for window resizing
WINDOWS: Properly set initial directory for menubar 'Load Core' option
WII: Add default video/audio filter directories
WII: Fix RGUI display corruption
WII: Fix HID joypad drivers
WII: Add optional overscan correction
WII: Fix recursive path_mkdir() operations
WII: Add widescreen RGUI support
WIIU: Scale menu to viewport size; respect filtering settings for menu
WIIU/RGUI: RGUI does its own transparency effects in the texture, so we don't have to add another 50% on that
WIIU/RGUI: Use correct pixelformat ordering for menu texture
WIIU/SLANG: Added "FrameDirection" slang semantic
X11: Add improved menu resizing for window resizing
X11: Add non-evdev keycodes to fix keyboard input on non-Linux systems with X11
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