[Playstation 4] PCSX-R (PS1 Emulator) by Znullptr Released

Today developer Znullptr has released a PCSX-R for the Playstation 4. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Based on PSCX-Reloaded, this emulator will allow you to launch your PS1 ISO's on your PS4, but with some restrictions unfortunately. Indeed, PSCX-R will be able to execute only one iso at a time, you will need every time to replace your iso on your USB key in order to change the game (see instruction below).

 In addition, cinematics rament and sound saccade (preview in the video), it is here the second beta version which includes bugs and does not work at 100%, the saves do not work either at recent news. Some games are still playable like Tekken for example. Some games are however not compatible, unfortunately Znullptr abandons the development of its emulators, PSCX-R will not be updated by the latter. The source code will be published on Github when it is cleaned, hoping that other devs continue to improve this emulator that could become indispensable for retro PS1 lovers.

Tutorial for operation
- Install the fpkg PSX.pkg
- Copy / paste your rom in .bin format to the root of your USB key by renaming it game.bin
- Copy / paste by FTP memcard.mcr in data / pcsxr / ... (optional because the saves do not work)
- Launch PSCX-R from your PS4 menu
- Your game starts

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