[Playstation 3] ManaGunZ v1.36 Released

Today developer Zar has released a new version of ManaGunZ v1.36 for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Addition : supports PS3HEN. I removed all features not supported by HEN (tested on HEN 2.3.1).
Addition : widescreen db updated from github pcsx2.
Added : if R2 is not used to manage speed, speed increases when a button is pressed.
Added : for UI FLOW, a scroll bar is displayed when you quickly scroll through the list of backups.
Added : modified VRAM mapping to handle multiple backups. See notes (1).
Added : shows RGBA values ​​when changing a color.
Edit : when you hold the circle to exit, there is only one loading ring instead of 3.
Added : you can add a color filter on some images. See notes (2).
Added : the Settings menu is divided into 3 levels instead of 2.
Added : platform filter for UI XMB.
Correction : scan dev_cf (compact flash) instead of dev_cd.
Additions : the "Yes / No" settings are replaced by a switch.
Added : new themed icons for the switch.
Correction : Rawseciso is no longer itself. Solves the problem with ISO from NTFS with a PS3HEN.
Correction : problem with ps2 elf crc. Solves several problems with the iso patch options such as when "disable widescreen" was not available.
Correction : Pnach was not correctly translated into .CONFIG, wrong endianness in the replacement operating code.
Correction : to avoid problems with some characters, the name of the game settings files uses title_id instead of the title.
Removed : I removed the "Pkg Link" option because it is broken. I'll fix it later.
Added in FileManager : Additional device information: capacity, file system, name, label, writable.
Added in FileManager : several default root displays are available. Furthermore, you can customize your display in the settings.
Added in the FileManager : specific options are available if you select multiple files with the same extension. For example, it is possible to extract 3 pkg in a row.
Added in FileManager : new icons of the themes used for the closing box, the dockbox and the cursor.
Added in FileManager : supports the UTF8 file name and also their content with TXTviewer.
Added in OffsetFinder : Generate all files to update managunz to a new firmware. Type "make update".

Notes :
(1) The images of each game are stored in a 512 KB slot memory in bitmap format.
For Flow3D, it is stored in 2 MB slots, there are fewer slots.
The size of the game images is limited.
We can calculate the dimensions = Width x Height x Step
Use ARGB weft, the step is 4.
The size of the image must respect:

(2) You can choose the color filter with (R1) in the settings.
It is available for BG, BGS, SIDEBAR, BOXBODY, BOXHEAD and NOTIF images.
You can also add these colors to the colorset.ini file.
If you don't write a color in colorset.ini it will be disabled.
Download Here (manaGunz v1.36)
Download Here (FileManager v1.36)

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