[PSVITA] bstone-vita v0.3 Released

Today developer 01y has released a new version of bstone-vita v0.3 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Blake Stone is a fun first person shooter from 1993 that sadly got overshadowed by Doom, which came out the week after its release. It's based on the Wolfenstein engine, but includes many features that would later appear in the Doom engine, such as textured floors and ceilings, interactive map elements such as switches and shootable objects, dimming of distant objects, automap, etc.

BStone is a full-featured port of the original source code. And now it's available on Vita, running smoothly in native resolution widescreen mode.

The 0.3 release improves the controls. Adding in a previous/ next weapon function, and a Joystick Sensitivity slider (default speed should be pretty close to native keyboard controls), now Blake Stone can be played with all the modern FPS amenities ;). The crashing issue from the previous version has been fixed. No significant observed deficiencies with the port are left as of this version. As with other homebrew on the Vita, pressing the home button or going into sleep mode can lead to memory corruption upon returning to the still-running game, so I would avoid doing that (save before, and close and relaunch after).

Update source to upstream version 1.1.13
Prev/next weapon functions added (top area of touchscreen and "O")
Joystick sensitivity adjustable in-game
Sound volume menu cosmetic fix
X and O buttons function in expected way in menu
Fix sporadic crashes when music is enabled & other out of memory errors
No fadein tearing
In elevator, fade out from viewport instead of messagebox
Download Here

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