PS3Tools GUI Edition v1.1B Released

- Added Dev_flash and Dev_flash3 dumper
- Removed conf editor
- Removed space wasting buttons
- Added other tools section
- Cleaner GUI
- No extra tab screen
- Faster
- Less memory by about 4mb

- No more random cmd box popping up.
- Fixed memory issue
- Fixed permissions glitch

- Can unpack any PS3 firmwares dev_flash.
- Can unpack any "PS3" Firmware up to date. Gets really fast after first or second use.
- A console is built into the program showing you the exact log a cmd would.
- Can Decrypt PS3/PSP retail PKG files (Signed by sony installable via OFW).
- Can readself of, Appldr, lv0, lv1ldr, lv2ldr, isoldr, EBOOT.BIN or if any of the things that you want to read are not listed on a button you can run a custom command to do it, for example: aim_spu_module.self just type that in where it says input and it will read it. So any file that is possible to use via readself, can be done in a fast manor 1-2 sec.
- An awesome Core_os_package tool that can decrypt, extract and encrypt the Core_os_package.pkg all in about 1-2 sec.
- Sign pkg for 3.55 or 3.41
- UnSELF a file.
- Build SELF a file.
- Whenever a tar file is modified, it's permissions need to be set, this tool can do that for you. fix the tar file for the following FW. retail fw up to 3.72, debug fw up to 3.72 and retail and debug fw 4.0.

Lets use a example: If you want to unpack a ps3 update just get the PS3UPDAT.PUP (Don't change the name of any file in ps3 FW keep original) and put in tool folder, run my program click unpack and it will unpack it.

So like if you want to fix tar make sure the update_files.tar stays the same name and put in the main folder where program is located.. same for anyfile keep the original name. So it's pretty simpe just drag the file that you want the tool to do something with and keep the original name.

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