PS3 Showtime Media Player Testing Build v3.5.212

Today Andreas Oman, the developer behind porting Showtime Media player, has released an official testing build 3.5.212. Check out the downloads and changelog below.

74a1a39 upnp: Fix incorrect thresholds for when switching to image mode
a6408a8 Fix resource (memory and codec) leak in RTMP player
c01d556 Use a special wrapper for malloc() where we can deal with it failing
7038b60 Remove jemalloc
62de648 Fix crash when building HTTP args
ae21461 ps3: Rework frame delivery code in cell decoder
eba4292 Make the SRT scanner pickup all SRT files that stems with the video filename
d206199 Factorize some common code around video_deliver_frame()
0623a82 ps3: Change some INFO-level trace to DEBUG
e59b013 ps3: Rework picture reordering code in h274 decoder (once again!)
cffd271 ps3: More debugging in thread primitives
05d53fd Don't open more than one video codec if a file have multiple video streams
1e82dc3 Fix broken cache handling
26c488a ps3: Let libav use memory functions that can return NULL
117bae0 ps3: Include text symbols in ziptail and include symbols in tracebacks
ea7b60d Drop debug printf
b4b4cb9 ps3: Fix broken malloc wrappers
587e5af osx: Fix broken configure of libspotify
c01d556 Use a special wrapper for malloc() where we can deal with it failing
b1f9cc0 Fix crash in LG TV code due to settings refactor
311f0c0 osx: Download libspotify during configure
fe09e71 httpclient: Increase max header len from 1024 to 4096
8af8711 Use ziptail for resources on ps3
f731362 Make it possible for Showtime to load resources from a zipfile concated to the executable 32b0c1a zip: Make the zipfile decoder able to decode a zipfile even if the actual file starts with something else
200181f fix stupid cut'n'paste error
5289bf8 Drop the nomalloc libc - linker will fix this anyway for us. Pull PSL1GHT forward.
22efe79 ps3: Let EBOOT.BIN just spawn showtime.self
73556a4 Fix make_self
d9c4684 Add timestamps to logfile on disk
d67af18 Only set video title if we don't already have one
4d1c911 Update Traditional Chinese translation
7c2a6ea Merge pull request #70 from aldostools/patch-1
0b0b61c Update lang/sp_SP.lang
fb55d8a Update German translation
76d9285 Update Swedish translations
7362906 Update lang files from source

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