PS3 JDMAlex's GTA IV's Mod PKG

I usually don't post much stuff on mods because they are kind of over bearing to see but this one seems interesting. As I will start posting a little bit more than I normally would.

Instructions... Install based on your Region

Activation... hold L1+L2+R1+R2 to open modmanager

All the latest mods for mod manager even the old trainer are in the pkg files , tried to get Three-Socks mod manager incorperated but havin some probs with it.. I'm very strapped for time so this is what I came up with.. hope you like it

Body Guard Controls:
to spawn: activate script with modmanager

then press SQUARE + R2

Fly Mod Controls:
R3 + X = activate flying
R1 = up
L1 = down
Dpad Up/Down/Left/Right = for ajusting axis
Constructor Controls:
Activate Object Spawner = L2 + CIRCLE (NEEDS TO BE ON FOR ALL BELOW TO WORK)
Activate Save Menu = STICK_L(R3)
To Select Obj= R1
To Go back 1 object= L1 (not working at the moment)
To Spawn Obj= X
Select Controls: R2 + CIRCLE

Switch between 3 modes:
Adjust object XYZ
Adjust Camara XYZ
Rotate object XYZ

After choosing Use: DPAD UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/CIRCLE/SQUARE to adjust object or camara

Weather Options Controls:
STICK_R,CIRCLE : Change weather
STICK_R,SQUARE : wind speed
STICK_R,X : daytime /night

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