PS3 JFW DH 3.56 MA Dev Update: Universal MAD Downgrade

Quote (DemonHades):
Hello friends, we have another fresh news from demonhades and his team are already testing universal MAD downgrade. The one who is perfecting it, it's our great spanishdev jaicrab the one who gives veracity to this project.

You can lower from any version from jfwdh356 the times you want, this way many users that were not willing to test it (for x reasons) Now will can try and see the great capacity and work been done in this jfw356.

Also Demon and Kike said to me that you will can downgrade to 3.55 or 3.51 (clean)

Allowing you to install any CFW or JFWDH356.

This is what many people were waiting for, well soon will be available in his web and here.

Needless to say this year will be full of surprises regarding JFWDH356 and who knows maybe they can achieve an JFWDH3.60 or JFWDH4.11.

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