PSVITA / PSTV USBMC Plugin Released

Today developer Yifanlu has released a new plugin named USBMC. USBMC allows one to mount a USB device at boot time and with Enso this means it will work all the time. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
This is VitaShell's patches for USB storage support as a standalone plugin. If loaded on startup (before SceShell), it will automatically mount the USB storage as ux0 instead of the memory card or internal memory.

To install, copy the plugin to ur0:tai/usbmc.skprx and add that path to the taiHEN ur0:tai/config.txt under *KERNEL. If you have a memory card inserted or you have a Vita with internal memory (LCD and PSTV), you must deleteux0:tai/config.txt from the original memory and use ur0:tai/config.txtfrom now on. This is because taiHEN loads before the memory card redirection patches and will attempt to read config.txt from there first.

Full credits to The_FloW for these patches

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