Playstation 3 Upcoming Final Burn Alpha Retro Loader V1.0

Today developer CaptainCPS-X has made a return and has brought gifts for the Playstation 3 community. He has been working on a new project named Final Burn Alpha Retro Loader and it is being decided to use PSL1GHT to power the project. FB Alpha is a multi-arcade emulator just like MAME, originally released on Windows. FB Alpha Retro Loader objective is to bring the original FB Alpha easy to use interface and features to PS3. It uses a modified libretro core, and a modified retroarch build.

Features Developed (Not much right now):
Latest FB Alpha core (2017) (v0.2.97.42) (my build fix available at my GitHub repo)
In sync with MAME 0.187 romset (older or newer romset might work but could give problems)
FB Alpha driver information embedded database (v0.2.97.42).
Preview images for FB Alpha drivers.
Uses Tiny3D library for video.
Configurable (.ini)
Themes (background music (mp3), sound effects for ui (wav), fonts (.TTF), etc)
Misc features like: Temperature, time, date, HDD space display, etc
some other things xD
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Release Notes:
I will, as soon as I get more free time to work on the final touches for the initial release. Then in the future I will keep adding features as I find time.

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