Playstation 3 TempMON v1.01 Released

Today developer SwampOne has released an update to his fan control application. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
For a long time I have been trying/using most of the fan control apps that I could find on the interwebz. because of the 'gamesonic fan control utility' version 3.10 having a bug on Rebug firmwares, causing the psn 'Account Privacy' settings to be unable to access i've decided to write a app myself using Estwald payload (big props to him) and psl1ght.

Supported firmwares: 341c, 355c, 355d, 421c,421d, 430c, 430d, 431c, 440c, 441c, 446c, 450c, 450d, 453c, 455c,460c,470c, 470d, 475c, 476d, 478c, 478d.

The application might work with other firmwares but because i'm not aware of the syscall_base of those specific firmwares, and also being lazy to install and test, i have removed the compatibility, nothing bad will happen if you run it, you will just get a 'firmware not supported' message (^_^). (I don't see any reason for not using the latest version of <3 r="" rebug="">

my key goal with this was to keep everything as simple as possible, and make a simple friendly GUI. I have tested it for a while now with absolutely no problems.

I am looking forward to improve the GUI ... maybe add some new features :wink: and also keep it up to date with the new firmwares. if anyone wants to volunteer to test other firmwares or have any issues running it (but as simple as it is, i don't see why you would have any kind of problems), feel free to contact me at:

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