Playstation 3 Cover Tools v1.1 Released

- Rearranged GUI a bit
- Added game search at 'PS3 and connected devices' (without the help of 'NetDrive')
- Added option to copy/move covers installed on PS3 to 'Cover Archive'
- Added selection menu for prefered image quality for the downloaded covers
- Added PNG support
- Added 'Extra Menu'-function to list games installed on PS3
- Added 'Extra Menu'-function to list covers installed on PS3
- Added 'Extra Menu'-functions to select and clear 'Matching Covers Folder'
- Added make if Singstar-Cover-PKG
- Added FTP-transfer to different possible cover directorys on PS3
- Added drag&drop

Special thx to No0bZiLLa who joined forces and helped with testing, suggestions, coding


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