Playstation 3 XMB Package Downloader v0.20 Released : Only for Rebug 4.78

Today developer Devil303 has released a new update to his application called XMB Package Downloader. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Ability to download over 70 packages from the XMB just by selecting them, with no USB stick required.
- Packages divided up into 4 categories (plus an upcoming themes category that Im working on)
- Package list will update automatically or can be refreshed manually using the new function.
- Removes the annoying Spotify and Singstar links from main XMB (packages still available to download through XMBPD)
- This application installs to flash so it is still there after a system format/restore, handy for getting your favourite apps back without needing a PC/USB Stick.
- Installing this will also fix some missing icons from CFW tools on ingame XMB.
- XMBPD can be updated from within itself via the Tools/Mods/Misc section.
- Addon available called "CFW Applications" which adds a new folder to your XMB for applications you want to keep separate from your games.
- Selection of applications available in the Tools/Mods/Misc sections that will install straight into the CFW applications folder.(or you can move your own apps easily by changing the category to CB in the PARAM.SFO and resizing icon slightly)
- New icon set for all the categories, All the icons are added to the relevant RCO files for fastest response and smallest filesize while keeping quality.
- This is compatible with Multiman singstar unlike early releases.

- A PSN account is still required for this application to work, you don't need to be signed into PSN, you just to have an account on your PS3.
- This installer was only made for Rebug 4.78, It will not install on lower FW.
- After the initial install please reboot and allow up to 2 minutes for the categories to fill up as it syncs.

Thanks to @bitsbubba and @Haru for helping me out with developing this. And thanks to everyone who helped with testing.

As usual Im glad to have feedback and bug reports.

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