PS3 webMAN MOD v1.43.17 Released

Today developer Aldostools has released a new version of webMAN mod. Check out the changelog and the downlod link provided below.
- Improved system software stability during use of some features 

To be honest, it has a lot of changes and I don't remember all them. The ones that I remember are:
- Show preview of images on file manager
- Added ability to copy from ps3netsvr to hdd0
- Show game version on /cpursx.ps3
- Games icons in webGUI can be sorted using drag & drop (/index.ps3)
- /net games stored as multi-part ISOs are now listed on XMB, HTML and has a mount link on file manager
- When a .pkg file is mounted via fake iso, it auto-opens install files folder
- When a video file is mounted via fake iso, it auto-start the video (if auto-play is enabled)

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