Playstation 4 Root Dump from Test Kit Screenshot Surfaces

Today developer GregoryRasputin of PlayStationHAX was given this screenshot of a full PS4 Root Dump from a Test Kit running Firmware 0.8.2 (Non-Retail Console). While the files may have changed since this firmware this piece of information is very important by providing additional information about what is happening on the inside.

Christmas is a time for loving and sharing, it is about spending time with the family and enjoying their company, which is why i am happy to let the PlayStationHaX family know thata little Christmas elf popped in to see me today and showed me something wonderful:

PS4 Root Dump Released (non-retail)

Of course with these being confidential Sony files, i cannot and will not link to any 

You can read about work into hacking the PS4, you can check the link below

For those wondering, yes, this was released today.

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