PS3 Gamesonic Manager v3.78 Released

Today developer Orion has released a new version of Gamesonic Manager. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

I am back with a new release of guys Gamesonic Manager v3.78 leading the very interesting news.

- Removed the menu "Options Gui" posted Estwald in Iris Manager V2.90
- Put back Gui Manager prior to that of Iris Manager V2.90
- Developed and inserted a new Gui List
- Fixed a bug that prevented proper language change
- Eliminated the menu "Homebrew Loader" and "Cobra CFW Tools"
- Fan Control Plugins used by managers improved (With this plugin does not show the 
Fan control audio glitch and keeps temperatures under control)
- Removed the Control menu Fan
- Added option in the "Tools" menu to increase or decrease the speed of the Plugin 
Fan Control by pressing the Left or Right, the value 0% corresponds to the payload of the plugin.
- Option to disable / enable the patch Cobra simplified
- Fixed bug that did not display background images in the Manager
- Put back option to free up memory space
- Other bug fixes and minor changes

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