PS3 Team SGK CFW 4.40.5 CDEX Released

Today a new version of Team SGK CFW is readily available to download. If you are unsure of what CDEX is it is a build that features debug options on a CEX based firmware similar to Team Rebug's REX firmware. Check out the changelog and the download link below.

Voilla my new cfw 4.40.5 available in the day with a great new mode 3 the normal 4.40, 4.40 CDEX the fashion and fashion DEX 4.30!

- Coldboot replaced.
- lines.qrc replaced.
- New icons by Hackxell.
- Improved support to Rebug Toolbox for all modes of the CFW (normal, CDEX and DEX).
- Added PSIDPatcher 4.40 Rogero style.
- Access to the PSN (normal mode).
- ReActPSN fully functional (normal mode).
- Fixed the error at startup of the Minis games that displayed a black screen.
- Coldboot Minis replaced.
- Can be installed by all cfw (3.55, 4.21 to 4.30 and to 4.40), is not installable on consoles with OFW greater than 3.55.

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