Fake Rogero v4.41 Custom Firmware Surfaces

Today a shit warez site has released a fake custom firmware claimed to be what is known as Rogero Custom Firmware. With the release of Sony's Official Firmware comes many fakes along with it.

The firmware claims to be a working custom firmware 4.41 that has PSN Access and all of same features provided by the work of Rogero.

This is a fake. Do NOT Complete the survey. Do NOT Take the risk of downloading and bricking your console.

6 Reasons Its a Guaranteed FAKE:
1) Survey Download + .RAR Password Release Download
2) From an Unknown + Untrusted Site
3) Only that one page is discussing Rogero 4.41
4) A whole new CFW for 4.41 is not needed as all you need to do is Spoof.
5) Anyone can edit a .PUP to create this screenshot.
6) The CFW is from version 1.02 NOT v1.03.

This photo also makes me laugh. A user commented asking about his PS3 super slim. The admin replied "It's Save" (I think he was trying to say It's Safe) Regardless You CAN NOT Install CFW on Super Slim 4K Models. The miniVerCHK of a Super Slim is automatically 3.60 and higher.

If you wish check out the fake download page here.
The pass for the .rar is "pass" and claims to be "updated" as of April 26th.

And as always stay tuned for your latest hacks and homebrew news.

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