PSVita TN-V v3 Released

Developer Total_Noob has released a new version of his eCFW for all exploit up until firmware 2.02. Check out the changelog and feel free to download using the link provided below.

- Added possibility to play the exploit game. The first 2 letters of the savedata folder will be replaced with ‘TN’.
- Added support for the great VSH plugin ‘PSPConsole’.
- Added support for Prometheus patched backup games.
- Fixed Super Collapse 3 and Urbanix JP exploit.
- Fixed msfs driver bug that caused data corruption which led to resetted settings, again.
- Rewrote ELF loading. Fixed loading of static ELF of some games like ‘Splinter Cell’.
- Redirected non-working power functions to similar functions.
- PSN purchased PSX games work again.

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