PS3 Iris Manager v2.56 Released

Today developer Estwald has released a new official version of Iris Manager, a backup manager for custom firmware enabled Playstation 3s. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

Quote (Estwald):
After installing the PKG , restart the PS3 , if it was loaded before Iris Manager

- Added support for devices with NTFS (Windows , read / write)) and EXT2/3/4 (Linux , read only) from "Archive Manager"
- Added support for BD Emu PS3_GM01 activated

NOTE: Remember that writing is experimental support and assume risks when using it: check with "chkdsk " to ensure that no data is lost or corrupted.
With the partitions "ext" to be in read, no problem that can corrupt anything.

1) plug in the device and wait 5 to 10 seconds for it to mount. If not, unplug and re- plug. Multiple devices can be plugged.
2) the partitions are displayed as " ntfs0 :" a " ntfsX "
3) Remember that it is important to mount the device before unplugging: from the root option "Archive Manager" or leave Iris Manager

- Added support asynchronous copy to speed up file copying in "Archive Manager"
- Added option in "Archive Manager" (press SELECT) "Get file / folder info " for information on the number and size of files required to copy.

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