PS3 Unofficial scetool v0.31 Released

Quote (smhabib):
Basically what it does is, it encrypts iso modules (needed for cfw creation!) with its respective indiv seeds of normal people can do amazing things.i first posted this on psx-scene but with not much details.SO HERE IT GOES WITH SRC!!!!

a short NOTE: The keys should be only edited with notepad++ to save its formating or you might get errors(latest keyset included!)

For Noobs:
you can also use scetool --template spu_token_processor.self(original self) --sce-type=SELF --encrypt spu_token_processor.elf(modified elf) spu_token_processor.self(output modified self)

1.naehrwert friend anonymous dev


There have been some misunderstanding by some popular devs.naehwert did this already in his open source but he disabled this in config.h(see source).so i enabled it cause i want more devs in the scene!

1.Fixed makefile
2.Added indiv seed options for creaters of cfw or for some testers

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