[Playstation 4] PS4 Linux Loader Released

Today developer valentinbreiz has released a new homebrew named PS4 Linux Loader for the Playstation 4. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
A simple payload that let you run Linux on your 4.05 PS4

WORKS! With IDC's exploit.

Hosted here for your use: http://darbness.com/ps4.

How to build
I use https://github.com/idc/ps4-payload-sdk to compile it. You also need to compile https://github.com/fail0verflow/ps4-kexec and place 'kexec.bin' into this folder. Compile kexec with 'make CFLAG='-DPS4_4_05 -DKASLR -DNO_SYMTAB'.

How to use
You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4's USB port with the following files on the root directory : bzImage and initramfs.cpio.gz. You can download them here.

Then you will need to send the payload (PS4-Linux-Loader.bin) to your PS4. For that go to your PS4 web browser, go to darbness.com/ps4 and send the payload to your PS4 using netcat or other.. (You can also use my tool: PS4 Payload Sender).

To do:
Fix ASLR (that causes a random successful boot)
Clean code
Credits and links
Thanks to 2much4u, Darbnes and jiangwei.

Useful links:

For the kexec execution: https://github.com/kR105-zz/PS4-dlclose/tree/linux-loader

For kexec: https://github.com/fail0verflow/ps4-kexec

For more explanations: https://cturt.github.io/ps4-3.html

For executing code in kernel space: https://github.com/VV1LD/405-KernelDumper
Download Here

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