PSVITA / PSTV Flyer Deathmatch Released

Today developer vladgalay has released a new homebrew game for the PSVITA. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
Flyer Deathmatch is a CSPSP-like top-down shooter game.
In Flyer Deathmatch you fly and fight opposing team in some sort of space ship.
Player can choose one of several ships, maps and game modes. More information is located in the next tab. ​

ALSO. This game requires Special Permissions. That is because it was made using ONElua luaplayer, which is requiring them by default.​

ONELua staff for it's pretty awesome ONELua luaplayer for Vita

Unfortunately, there are no sounds in this game :(
Playing with music is recommended

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