Playstation 3 CFW2OFW Helper Released

Today developer developer friendlyanon (helloiamsomeone) has released a new tool that makes it easier for you to convert your CFW collection to OFW. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
I created a very simple tool to save users the headaches that converting games for CFW2OFW data utility transfer exploit might cause.. well at least it did for me.

This is the very first thing I ever created with C#, so feedback is welcome. I'd like more people to test this, because I am not able to test the result of this program currently. If you have simple suggestions, then post them here, technical issues should go on GitHub and reports about a conversion being incompatible go in here if possible.

Providing aid in converting video games.

Requirements .NET Framework v4.0 make_npdata.exe (bundled with release)

Usage See the help screen of the program.

Todo Remake/Combine PKG handling code Add more options as arguments (feedback is welcome) and some more?


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