PS3 XMBPD v0.70 Released

Today developer DeViL303 has released a new version of XMBPD. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Added over 60 No-PSN pkgs (Thanks to @esc0rtd3w - Source1 Source2)
- Updated the webMAN Mod, PSN Patch, PrepNTFS and ManaGunZ packages, added Gamepad Test v1.0.
- Added 10 "PSN not required" apps to the PSN category.
- Added an XMBPD Rebugification skin to the style switcher (Thanks to @Berion)
- Added Content IDs for No-PSN and PSN categories.

* As usual this update is also available from the XMB if you already have XMBPD installed.
** webMAN MOD FULL 1.45.00 or newer required. (Thanks @aldostools/@bguerville)
*** I only test my mods on the latest Rebug, but this should work fine on most CFW.​

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