Playstation 4 A New Kernel Exploit in the Works by qwertyoruiopz​

Today developer qwertyoruiopz​ has released an intersting webkit exploit for firmware 4.0x. Check out the release notes and the link below.

- Nothing to kernel in 5 days. GG sony
- 0day, it should work on 4.50 too
- It was actually simpler than expected. iOS is more challenging from the post exploitation point of view
- 30 hours of no sleep later i am finally happy about the ps4 exploit
- So it turns out sony is doing sneaky syscall shit. updated code some further, you'll have to manually call libkernel syscall stubs
- updated ps4 rce with actually functioning fcall and syscall primitives
- updated ps4 exploit with rop code exec (for 4.06 specifically).
- updated the ps4 exploit with some more comments and it no longer alerts a JSValue, but prints a function pointer

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