PSVita / PSTV Notepad++ (VE) v0.31 Released

Today developer Arkanite has released a new version of NotePad++ for the Playstation Vita and PSTV. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.
Release Notes:
Notepad++ (VE) is a portable notepad and source code editor for the Playstation Vita.​

This project initially started as a simple text editor and has grown to support such features as:
- Line numbering.
- Multi language syntax highlighting.
- On-screen Developer keyboard.
- Tab indexing.
- Full touch support.
- Multi file handling.
- Bookmarking.
- File manager.
- Auto-view positioning and more.

Notepad++ (VE) can also be set as a standard notepad editor and has a range of configurations to personalize as you like.​ Changelog:
- Add - stats HUD (togglable: Menu -> Settings -> Preferences)
- Add - dialog on incompatible files.
- Add - DPad hold seeking (all directions).
- Add - circle btn to back cycle through setting menu.
- Add - dialog on max files open.
- Add - syntax auto load on known file extension (saving/loading).
- Add - settings option - set auto Tabbing (off/single/double).
- Add - US Dev keyboard (incl TAB).
- Add - automatic Keyboard calling on touch.
- Add - Multiple open files (max of 4 "currently").
- Add - <-- :="" bookmarking.="" br="" line=""> - Add - File browser.
- Add - Basic hold text selection (no interaction yet).
- Fix - layout width issue on file switching.
- Fix - 'last browse dir' not saved when closing file manager.
- Fix - unwanted scroll on keyboard interaction.
- Fix - caret positioning issue while menu open.
- Fix - files not loaded if filename contains special characters.
- Sub - removed native keyboard.
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