Playstation 3 XMB Manager Plus 2017 Release 1 by Berion

Today developer Berion has released an unofficial fork of XMB Manager plus. Check out the release notes and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:
What is this?
It's a nice menu with shortcuts to various stuff in Game category menu in XMB. In short: it's a simple Cross Media Bar hack.

XMBM+ 2K17 is just yet another unofficial fork of XMB Manager Plus made by whole Team XMBM+ years ago and later modded by @aldostools. What's different in 2017 release? I have corrected, added or updated some descriptions, changed positions of some menus.

All icons (except save data icons) is now read from dev_hdd0 instead of RCO from dev_flash and all of them is "rebugified" to match Rebugification PlayStation 3 theme (but any other skin like i.e Metalification can be easily add in future).

Also I have integrated Custom Firmware Tools, WebMAN/WebMAN Mod settings menu from full versions, Plugin Switcher Manager (with few pre-configurations) and XMB Package Downloader (but in "mini version": no themes, wallpapers and game links, no per app icon).

I have removed all old internet website links and added Childproof Mode option which disabling any potentially harmful options.​

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